Marketing Automation

Streamline customer engagement with smart, data-driven marketing automation that boosts repeat orders and sales.

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Customer data collection
Gather valuable customer data based on their behavior and spending patterns, including contact details and order history.
Route negative feedback
Leverage collected customer data to precisely determine the optimal times to send targeted marketing messages.
Gamified marketing
Transform your marketing with engaging, gamified experiences like spin-to-win games to captivate customers and boost engagement.
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Request a 3-month risk-free trial to compare
Request a 3-month risk-free trial to compare

Zero-effort migration

Migrating will be absolutely hassle-free

White-glove onboarding
Not tech-savvy? No problem at all, we'll handle it from the start to finish.
Launch in days, not months
Our “Guinness” record is two days!
Multilingual support
Being bilingual is a must for our customer success reps.
Contract buyouts
Got locked into a contract that's stopping you from switching to Rushable? Let's talk!

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