Commission-Free Ordering

To protect your bottom line and customer data, focus on commission-free ordering instead of relying on third-party platforms!

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Savings on both sides
With zero commission for your restaurant, customers no longer have to pay inflated menu prices or high service fees. Instead, they can order directly through your direct ordering channel.
Deliver on-demand
Access top-rated drivers in our network for quality, automated dispatch and delivery services. On-demand delivery service is commission-free and includes guaranteed error and loss coverage.
Mobile payments
Your customers love the convenience and speed of Apple Pay and Google Pay. It provides a seamless, secure way to pay, enhancing their overall experience and satisfaction with your service.
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Request a 3-month risk-free trial to compare
Request a 3-month risk-free trial to compare

Zero-effort migration

Migrating will be absolutely hassle-free

White-glove onboarding
Not tech-savvy? No problem at all, we'll handle it from the start to finish.
Launch in days, not months
Our “Guinness” record is two days!
Multilingual support
Being bilingual is a must for our customer success reps.
Contract buyouts
Got locked into a contract that's stopping you from switching to Rushable? Let's talk!

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