SpotHopper alternative for restaurants

In many respects, Rushable is a preferable choice over SpotHopper.

Overall comparison

See the key differences between Rushable and SpotHopper

Website creation
Loyalty points program
Google review boost
Order with Google
Digital gift card
POS integration
Restaurant cost
Long-term contract
Annual binding

Biggest reasons to migrate

SpotHopper is a tool that helps restaurants create websites and has recently added the option for customers to order directly from those sites. However, despite being on the market for many years, it still lacks important features like a loyalty points system, digital gift cards, and the ability to integrate with Google—features that are crucial for any restaurant today. Plus, SpotHopper requires you to commit to a long-term contract.

Request a 3-month risk-free trial to compare
Request a 3-month risk-free trial to compare

How Rushable works

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Direct Sales Channel
Establish your own sales channel to reduce both restaurant and customers cost, break free from external platforms, and take ownership of your customer data.
Marketing automation
Streamline your customer engagement with smart, data-driven marketing automation that boosts loyalty and sales.
Multi-channel funneling
Seamlessly connect with customers across all platforms to maximize reach and streamline your marketing efforts.
Operation automation
Streamline your restaurant's workflow with advanced automation, reducing manual effort and trimming labor costs significantly.

Zero-effort migration

Migrating will be absolutely hassle-free

White-glove onboarding
Not tech-savvy? No problem at all, we'll handle it from the start to finish.
Launch in days, not months
Our “Guinness” record is two days!
Multilingual support
Being bilingual is a must for our customer success reps.
Contract buyouts
Got locked into a contract that's stopping you from switching to Rushable? Let's talk!

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