How to Choose an Online Ordering System for Your Restaurant [Covid-19 Version]

How to Choose an Online Ordering System for Your Restaurant [Covid-19 Version]

Every restaurant wants to entice guests before they walk in the front door. With an exciting and stunning restaurant website design, you can do just that and grow your customer base at the same time.

Creating an exciting website design isn’t that easy. But it is possible.

Although online delivery was expected to surge in the next decade, it has happened overnight as a result of COVID-19. As such, there is no better time than right now to invest in a beautiful, engaging and effective website design for your restaurant.

Restaurants that act now and elevate the design of their websites will have a significant advantage as early adopters of evolving technology. Not only will they capture new market share, but they will also gain invaluable experience with online business promotion.

How Powerful Restaurant Website Design Can Be

There are many things that can attract people to your restaurant.

  • Your food is delicious and your service is top-notch.
  • Perhaps current customers are so satisfied with the service and the experience, that they tell others about your establishment.
  • Or perhaps you notice returning customer trends and attempt to appeal to their preferences.

All of these are very effective strategies.

However, when well designed, restaurant websites can serve as an even more effective method of attracting customers to your business, both directly and indirectly.

Let’s think about why the restaurant website design is important.

A Restaurant’s Website Makes a Powerful First Impression

Your website and its design tell customers what they can expect at your restaurant.

If your restaurant serves amazing food, has exquisite décor, and provides unparalleled service, but your website pales in comparison, you are likely to turn off potential customers who have no other way of knowing how wonderful your restaurant is.

Tasteful Design and an Easy-To-Navigate Website Are Critical to Nurturing Customers and Brand Loyalty

Having a well-designed website for your company sets the standard for customer expectations.

In other words, it gives customers an idea of what your restaurant will be like, even before they visit. After all, many people like to know where they’re going to eat before they decide on a restaurant.

Let’s say a customer was looking for a good Thai restaurant in the area. On a directory, the customer finds two options:

  • One restaurant lacks a website or it is poorly designed with boilerplate images and few details.
  • The other restaurant has a state-of-the-art website with impeccable design. There is a full menu as well as photos of food, décor, and friendly staff. Visitors can see social feed interactions with guests on the homepage. Testimonials and branding let customers know exactly what kind of experience is in store for them.

Which establishment is the customer more likely to visit?

The restaurant without a website or an online menu may have excellent food, but the customer can’t be sure.

Designing an effective website for your restaurant helps sell your business and give your customers an idea of what they can expect when they spend their time and their hard-earned money with you.

Often, customers will perform a quick Google search to locate the most convenient dining establishment for their needs. However, you can easily differentiate your business by engaging in the online conversation, and it all starts with having a well-designed website.

How To Design an Effective Website

1. Have a Purpose

You know it’s important to have a digital marketing presence. And you know it’s important to have a website. But before you embark on designing the website, ask yourself this:

  • What feelings are you trying to invoke in your customers?
  • What are the goals of your digital marketing presence?
  • What do you want your website to do for your business?

This is the most common misstep for most businesses – failing to establish goals. It’s like driving a car with no destination in mind.

When you know where you’re going, the map to get there becomes much easier to design.

3. Make It Easy for Your Mobile Users

Every single customer acts on mobile-first and foremost.

Google knows this better than anyone else and, while placing the heaviest emphasis on mobile, they split their index into mobile and desktop search results.

In 2020, if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, it’s essentially dead in the water. 50% of sales are lost because customers can’t find what they need.

The information on your website - images, text, videos, and links – must be easy to access on the much smaller screens of the consumer’s smartphone or tablet. The goal is to deliver a consistently solid user experience to consumers regardless of how they are accessing your site.

When it comes to mobile-friendly website design, remember:

  • What feelings are you trying to invoke in your customers?
  • What are the goals of your digital marketing presence?
  • What do you want your website to do for your business?

How Can I Construct an Effective Restaurant Website?

When designing your website, be sure that any and all information your customers could want is easily accessible. Here is a simple checklist of must-have items:

Basic Information: phone number, physical location, email address, hours of operation

Menu: A well-designed online menu is a sales asset that should seamlessly provide prospects with an overview of the dining experience.

Online Orders: Be sure to include the appropriate online links for takeout and delivery orders.

Photos: Include realistic, high-quality images of your food, drinks, outdoor dining space, indoor dining rooms, and bar to help customers visualize themselves having a good experience at your restaurant.

Social Media Links: Your website can help expand your social media following. Include links to your social media accounts and conveniently connect with customers.

Partner with a Trusted Website Design Expert

This advice might sound simple, but we all know restaurant owners don’t have enough hours in the day.

Taking on that kind of heavy lifting by yourself is unrealistic and unnecessary. Leverage an expert who not only does this every day but lives to do this every day.

Rushable empowers restaurants to optimize the speed and ease of their operations by providing consolidated technology solutions in order to win more, happier customers.

When you work with Rushable, you get:

Instant launch

It only takes 15 minutes to set up your new website. After that, we’ll upload your menu and you’re ready to go. Our record time? 45 minutes scratch to launch!

Customizable Menu

Why call somebody to do it for you?

With our 24/7 accessible dashboard, you will be able to edit and update your menu anytime you want, by yourself, easily!

Optimized Design

Designed by industry experts, your website will include an interactive menu display proven to convert website traffic into customers. Whether it’s a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer, your site always looks clean, simple, and professional.

Why Should You Choose Rushable Over Traditional Website Design?